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Qualified Zumba Instructor

Julia Palade

Zumba Instructor Julia

Hi my name is Julia and I’m a fully qualified Zumba Instructor, ZIN Member and Nutritional Therapist.

I also have YMCA Qualifications in Exercise to Music, Core Conditioning, Cardio Kick and Circuits.

My passion for dancing and fitness workout blended really well in Zumba which I find one of the most inspiring way for people that need to exercise but don’t feel very keen towards it when it’s done in the traditional way.

My favourite definition for Zumba is: “Exercise in Disguise” because it reflects so well the core nature of this Fun workout class! Basically you can start at any level, moving at your own pace – and very soon, seduced by the music, you’ll find yourself sweating and having a great workout. The secret is in free-ing your mind and letting yourself go with the flow!

Wei Shieng

Zumba Instructor Julia

Wei moved from Singapore to London 4 years ago to take up studies in religion and the arts. Whilst here she fell in love with Zumba classes which she attended regularly for 2 years before deciding to take the leap and become an instructor. Wei loves the Zumba`s combination of music, movement and huge FAN element! Zumba helped so much her coordination skills and invites her to jump, shake, and laugh together with so many people whilst teaching it.

At the same time Wei is volunteering at the Camden Arts Centre, as well as Tate Britain and loves watching Japanese animation films! So don't feel shy asking her for some recommendations!

Chloe Snowdon

Zumba Instructor Julia

Chloe is the friendly face behind Customer Care here at ZumbaWithJulia.

She is passionate about people, music and human well-being, especially women`s health. What she loves about Zumba is that all her passions combined come together in one place! Chloe enjoys to be part of a community with wonderful women from all different walks of life, cultures and ages. She also loves dancing and singing to music from all over the world whilst keeping motivated on her health and well-being.

For Chloe ZumbaWithJulia is a fun and focused fitness program and fantastic place to find friends too!


Member of the Zumba Instructor Network


Also registered with REPs (Registered Exercise Professionals)